Leak proof protection
Easy to apply & remove
Breathable (0.11 liter/sq.ft/24h)

V-PRO Breathable

V-PRO Breathable is a high quality fleece for temporary floor protection. It is specially designed for covering newly laid floors, wet laid floors, natural stone and wooden floors. The breathable upper layer allows moisture to escape through the surface up to 0.11 liter per square foot per 24 hours. V-PRO Breathable has a liquid resistant upper layer and a self-adhesive under layer. Perfect for use during painting, stucco application, moving and remodeling.

Simply lay the roll on the ground and kick it out to the desired length. It doesn’t get much easier.

Available sizes
39.37”x82.02’  269.09 sq.ft.  (1x25m)
16.72 g/ft2  180 g/m2